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1/8/2011 Transition C-CH neighborhoods minutes for Transition C-CH Neighborhoods Group

Please provide when is the best meeting time for you through this doodle.

Proposed Agenda[]

The proposed agenda for the first neighborhoods group meeting will be generally to discuss ways in which to implement transition action on the neighborhood level. Please use this wiki to advance our conversation ( here or 'talk' link above) before we have the meeting. Some questions to address include:

  • What neighborhoods are represented by people attending this meeting?
  • What projects are already happening in neighborhoods?
  • What projects is there energy to initiate in a neighborhood?
  • How can we facilitate and augment these efforts?
  • What other C-CH Transition Town groups and community at large efforts can we synergize with?
  • How to operationalize the ultimate goal of viral replicability to effect sufficient change in time, everywhere?

Introductions and Neighborhoods represented[]

Sammy (north carrboro), Claudia (durham), matthew (la), sara(minessota), peggy (carrboro town), anthony(historic town, nyc), seth (chapel hill/durham), tracey (trnasportation, food, jones ferry), sara (hillsborough), tom (durham), susan (durham), devin, linda, joaquin, ken moore (old fayettevile), kathie, julie (chapel hill),daniel (south of main street), tom (chapel hill)

Projects already happening in neighborhoods[]

    • Rogesrs Rd
    • dog poo can
    • skill sharing, list service
    • turning a garden into a community garden, equuipment sharing (durham)
    • bicycle
    • facebook for local issues, block parties
    • open spaces, building a greenhouse
    • urban community support agriculture
    • rain gardens to collect water
    • communication email

Projects there is energy to initiate in neighborhoods[]

    • farm stand, neighborhood composting bins
    • community garden in an open space
    • urban help sharing. People work helping their neighbors
    • community movies, pick nicks
    • block parties
    • facilitation of local communication, online? with a kiosk?

How can we facilitate and augment these efforts?[]

    • Map "Know your neighborhood"
    • spread out suburban challenges/opportunity
    • transition infrastructure online
    • website connection with gardeners
    • communication door to door, fliers, listservs
  • Other transition groups and community efforts to synergize with?

Moving forward[]

    • maintain communication
    • scale of neighborhood groups?
    • develop replicable models
    • per project as group facilitate existing or proposed
    • transition towns linking through listserv, wiki
    • define space projects
    • rogers rd, next meeting
    • establishing transition benchmarks
    • establishing the social foundation for energy transition
    • local competitions about garbage, energy usage, biking
    • next meeting within two weeks
    • Sammy to set up doodle so that we can find time and contact Roger's road community to see if willing to have meeting there?