On September 24, 2005 there will be a march (organized nationally by United for Peace and Justice in Washington demanding for the military and economic occupation of Iraq to end. Until then, many organizations within Chapel Hill are planning events that will increase awareness of this issue with the goal of mobilizing people to march on Washington to achieve true justice for Iraq and the illegal leaders who have taken us there.

Organizations working independently on this issueEdit

Organizations working with at least one other organization torward this eventEdit

Internationalist Books

NC Peace & Justice Coalition

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Internationalist Books and Community Center , Chapel Hill, NC, 405 W Franklin St, (919) 942-1740, T-Sat 11-8, Sun 12-6, M 2-8. Tickets are $15 (?) and must be purchased by September __. Tickets can be purchased at the bookstore, located at 405 W. Franklin St.

If you want to sponsor a rider, or are looking for a sponsored ticket, please call the bookstore to inquire. The bus will be leaving Internationalist Books Saturday 24th in the morning and return that evening.

Internationalist Books will provide an information packet to all riders with a map of the area and all pertinent logistical information on board the bus.

NC Peace & Justice Coalition is raising funds to help organizers reserve buses and pay deposits. They wish to focus resources on organizers who will be mobilizing youth, people of color, low-income communities and those most affected by military recruitment and the war in Iraq.

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Sept. 13 Forum: How Can We Get Out Of IraqEdit

Sept. 16 Fundraiser: "Send The Youth To DC, Not Iraq!"Edit