Below you will find the plans for Perennial Planting by the Carrboro Community Gardening Coalition at the MLK site.

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Fruit Tree Planting Plan[edit | edit source]

Area Available for Planting[edit | edit source]

The area that has been designated for fruit trees (in agreement with both the Recs and Parks of Carrboro and our neighboring garden OCPYC) is approximately 2,0000 sq. ft.

The Area is: 52' (Parallel to the road) x 47'(perpendicular to the road)

Find a pdf of Layout here: File:CCGCFruit Tree Layout.pdf.

Fruit Trees Source[edit | edit source]

Bountiful Backyards has some orphan fruit trees that need a home. They have about 40 blueberries, 6 peach trees and many other perrenial edibles. They ideally would like to receive some compensation for these. With Blueberries costing about 7-8$ per plant and peach trees 40$/plant, as a minimum (just peaches + blueberries) this amounts to 560$. On top of that they estimate that we would need about 10 yards of top soil and 6 yards of compost which would come to about 600$. Depending on how many other fruit trees thay have the total cost would be below 2,000$.

Though this is a pretty steep number, it would be nice to be able to find the money (fundraising, donation campaign, etc..) to be supportive of Bountiful Backyards and the valuable work that they do in making more food secure communities.

Fundraiser ideas[edit | edit source]

  • Goal <2,000$
  • Send fundraising letter out to CCGC listserve
  • Mural on cistern (Donors above a certain amount get names painted on)
  • Weave/Johnnies fundraiser (Vimala?)
  • PSA's WCOM, Carrboro Citizen, Carrboro Free Press
  • Planting Workshop led by Bountiful Backyards Sunday, September 20
  • Vimala

Timeline[edit | edit source]

July 19th (Week of)[edit | edit source]

  • Received trees from Bountiful Backyards
    • 33 (2 Gallon) Rabbiteye Blueberry
    • 4 (7 Gallon) 'Elberta' Peach
    • 10 (5 Gallon) Serviceberry 'Princess Diana'
    • 4 (1 Gallon) Goji Berry
    • 2 (3 Gallon) Jostaberry 2
    • 5 (3 Gallon) Paw Paw
    • 2 (3 Gallon) Bush Cherry
    • 1 (3 Gallon) Concord Grape
    • 1 (2 Gallon) Currant
  • Assure watering signups happens by identifying gardner willing to take on the role of 'garden camel'
  • CCGC Fundraising letter goes out

October 5th[edit | edit source]

Finalized developed layout w/ trees to plant acquired from BB (CCGC members/BB)

    • 10 (5 Gallon) Serviceberry 'Princess Diana' (H-10-20', W-10')
    • 4 (1 Gallon) Goji Berry (5'x5')
    • 2 (3 Gallon) Jostaberry 2 (6'x5')
    • 5 (3 Gallon) Paw Paw (h-30', w-15')
    • 2 (3 Gallon) Bush Cherry (4'x4')
    • 1 (3 Gallon) Concord Grape
    • 1 (2 Gallon) Currant (5'x5')

October 9th[edit | edit source]

Email the town the proposal one month prior to the proposed planting (Fence expansion) date

October 4[edit | edit source]

Set up another meeting to discuss implementation at least two weeks prior to the proposed planting date

Week of October 11[edit | edit source]

  • Purchase/pickup fencing and posts for expansion

October 24 (Sunday Rainday)[edit | edit source]

Expand fence area, dig holes, put posts in

October 31[edit | edit source]

Run fencing

November 7th[edit | edit source]

  • Purchase/pickup 10 yards of topsoil and 6 yards of compost
    • Default source: Bountiful Backyards.
    • Cost: approximately 600$).

November 14(Workday)[edit | edit source]

Plant some of the trees.

Sunday, November 15[edit | edit source]

Bountiful Backyards workshop/fundraiser and more planting

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