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Here you can find information about Carrboro Community Gardening Coalition Mulch.

Leaf Mulch[]


Public Works[]

  • Sign up Put down when you can go and if you have a vehicle available for transporting the leaves.
  • Where:Public Works map
  • Times Open: 7:30 - 4 p.m.
  • How: Bring a truck a pitchfork and a buddy, load leaf mulch into truck and then unload at backside of community garden fence, along tree line where other leaf mulch is (careful with small pile as that has a few leaves over it as this is chicken manure! ... don't cover it with leaves.)

Gardeners Deliverers Sign-Up Sheet[]



  • Monday, 13th:
    • Sammy
    • Allie



WE NEED EVERYONE WHO CAN HELPING WITH THIS. (On how to do this see Public Works

We are out of mulch for the garden. New unseeded beds and paths will need mulch. Mulch will also be needed around new plants.

  • Monday:

  • Tuesday:

  • Wednesday:

  • Thursday

  • Friday:

Town Deliveries[]

Public Works will deliver collected leaves to the community garden on a as needed basis with the following stipulations:

  1. Public Works will deliver leaves 1 truck load at a time, all leaves need to be used before we will deliver more.
  2. The availability of composted leaves is a service that The Town of Carrboro provides to its residents.
    1. With this in mind, the Public Works Department will determine the amount of leaves that we can offer for use in the garden.
  3. Delivery of leaves is not a service that we offer our residents. Therefore, delivering leaves to the garden may causes difficulties with our residents.

If this occurs, the Town reserves the right to discontinue deliveries. In this case the composted leaves at Public Works will still be available for use in the garden.

They will have to be loaded and delivered to the garden by community garden participants.