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The Carrboro Energy Descent Action Plan is being created by existing local organizations and individuals who are doing relevant work pertaining to sustainabiity and community development as these relate to peak oil, Global Warming and social justice. Currently, the plan is in its early stage when individuals and organizations are making themselves and their related existing or planned projects known. The function of this site is to facilitate coordination and awareness of all the actors and their actions within the various dimensions of an integrated Energy Descent Action Plan.

This Plan has been modeled after the Kinsale Energy Descent Action Plan by Rob Hopkins.

Peak oil, Global Warming and social justice have implications for every dimension of life in Carrboro. So far, sections identified for the plan include: Food, Water, Youth and Community, Housing, Local Energy, Local Economy and Livelihoods, Local Governance, Health, Transportation, Education and Waste.

Organizations and individuals with affinities to a section will form explicit coalitions. The first step, within Carrboro will be to assess Carrboro's current vulnerabilities to diminishing energy supplies and requirements for curtailing CO2 emmisions as a whole. Then the coalitions will identify SUSTAINABLE low-energy alternative systems for their section. For each dimension of life (section) in Carrboro, a realistic timeline will be drawn up for the transition (including a step-by-step action plan), and a set of informational resources assembled (paticipating organizations and individuals, and more generic informational resources such as: books, articles, web sites, and so on).

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