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The Carrboro Local Living Economy Task Force is a Town of Carrboro advisory board dedicated to advising and counseling town elected officials and listening to citizen appeals that relate to establishing a local living economy.

This wiki page serves as a public non-official site where research and ideas for implementing Carrboro's local living economy can be developed.

Because we all know growth and sustainability are not oxymorons, right? So the more business, and the more people, the better. And we must remember to always ask permission fro the government because they are our masters and we are nothing but serfs.


Entrepreneur Action Items[]

  • Touch the puppet head.
  • Ruin the world.
  • Exploit people locally rather then globally.
  • Create a coalition of local business owners
  • Engage in outreach to let local businesses know what resources are available
  • Business to business contact with other businesses
  • Create an internet forum for business owners
  • Create a list of standard business practices / guidelines/ tools gathered from local businesses
  • Ensure low barrier for those wanting to start small businesses, i.e. street vendors, flea markets, home
  • Have a buy local campaign
  • Be a jerk.
  • Make more money.
  • Learn how to make a web page more secure.

Carrboro Locally Owned Independent Businesses []


Consumer Action Items[]

Educational Campaign on reasons to buy local[]

Educational campaign on local businesses[]

Provide information to residents on the many sectors in which they can buy local and the specific businesses in each.

Next steps Develop strategy: Methods for communication, time frame, materials
By Whom Business network (town)
Steps to Succeed Preparation and dissemination of regular information items that are accesible and of interest to residents
Resources needed Folks with public relations, design, and/or marketing skills who understand local living economy initiative. Funds to disseminate materials. Creation and collection of baseline and follow-up metrics. Other as identified.
Timeframes Could start within next 6 months, then ongoing.
Benefit Increased patronage by Carrboro residents for local businesses of all kinds
Cost varies
Fits with Items Educational campaign on benefits of local. Business network; various promotion of particular sectors.
Ranking High
Measures of success Ability to survey residents, as Bellingham did, and find report of increase shopping for local products and services. (implies baseline survey)
  • Local business directory updated and managed by the town
Campaign examples[]
Heal Local[]

A program to promote Carrboro's healthcare and healing services a la Walk Carrboro.

Next steps Inventory local healthcare providers, body workers, pharmacies, dentists, etc..
By Whom Business network, Health sector workers, or the Town
Steps to Succeed critical-mass of providers
Resources needed Someone to create inventory and solicit participation from businesses; a focused marketing plan; creation and collection of baseline and follow-up metrics
Town's Role Provide technical support 9database mgt), advertising support in terms of finances, etc.
Benefit Grows clientele for local health/wellness businesses
Fits with Items Schuman's "Best places to localize spending #s 10 & 11
Measures of success Baseline and follw-up metrics for revenues and local costumers recruited/retained.
    • Local Auto Service -- Campaign coupon book to encourage residents to get their cars serviced and fueled in Carrboro
    • Thanks for eating local -- Thanks you card listing participating eateries
  • Kick-off event on local living economy
    • town behind 1st big event
      • See how it goes
      • future events carried on by local businesses / orgs
  • Ongoing local living economy events
    • Honor Junk Quarterly event to encourage re-use, recycling, repairing and reselling.


Inventory of Existing Policies[]

Community Builders[]

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