Casa Grande Community Garden is located in front of the The ReCYCLEry at the bottom of Old Pittsboro rd. in Carrboro. The Inaugural meeting was held on March 5, 2006. The Community Garden is a part of the Carrboro Greenspace , made up of sustainability/community projects located on the 10.5 acre lot on Old Pittsboro Rd. The Carrboro Greenspace is currently fiscally sponsored by SURGE.

The Carrboro Greenspace Community Garden is a space for educating and empowering the Carrboro community on various urban gardening and sustainable food-production practices through hands-on production and workshops. Either collectively or in smaller plots the organic garden is a space for community-access food production with a focus on edible and medicinal plants.


Chris weeding June 13, 2006


Sammy gardening June 13, 2006


Michal harvesting June 13, 2006


Michal harvesting June 13, 2006

CGCG Meeting NotesEdit


The Casa Grande Community Garden is currently not active by request of the landlords of 116 Old Pittsboro rd. We hope to re-establish the community garden once the Carrboro Greenspace becomes a reality.

Old CGCG Announcements


Saturday, September 23, 2006Edit

Workday:Transplant greens, plant some more, define the clearing, begin vermiculture setup.

Saturday, September 30, 2006Edit

Vermiculture Skillshare: Led by Molly, Kate, Keith, Mike. Come out and learn the basics of vermiculture to have your own at home or to help maintain the CGCG vermiculture pile(t) project.

Saturday, October 7, 2006Edit

Workday:clear space, fell small trees.

Saturday, October 14, 2006Edit

Workday: Tilling

Saturday, October 21, 2006Edit

Skillshare, Workday, Fieldtrip: Horse cart workshop. Learn how to hitch a horse to a cart and the laws of the rd. Come out and keep warm on the manure ride.

Saturday, October 28, 2006Edit

Skillshare: cover crop skillshare.

Saturday, November 4, 2006Edit

Worlday:Garlic and Chives

Old CGCG Schedules


What will our relationship to the community be?

We want to share resources with people in Carrboro who don't have yards

Do we have common gardens and/or smaller individual plots?

Accessibility is contigent on energy

When will we be "open"? How do we get increased participation/interest?

  • Identify specific projects and make a calendar of events to invite people to participate in specific projects

Info SharingEdit

  • Have a three ring binder where we keep a written out plan of everything we need to do together to create a functioning garden - from water management to when to plant - so that anyone can come in, read the binder and know what we are doing. Let's share the collective knowledge we have!
  • Get a chalkboard to leave each other notes and questions.
  • Use this website to communicate.
  • Info Board
  • Phone Tree


  • Water quality: Dave Delvechio will speak with friends he has at OWASA
  • Tiller: Dave Delvechio will borrow the one at the coop house
  • Katie can get a soil testing kit


  • Tools - shovels, rakes, hand trowels
  • Seeds and starts
  • Leaves
  • Lime
  • Rock powder

To make a donation...

Human Resources within the community gardenEdit


  • Peter Brayshaw 929-0565
  • Sammy Slade 225-3433

Gardening basicsEdit

  • Jay Ham
  • Dave Delvechio

Community gardening experienceEdit

  • Brian (SEEDS in Durham)
  • Monica South Bronx community gardens


  • Lizzy

Chalk Board PaintEdit

Chad was to look into source for such paint to put on wall to use as communal comunications.

Future Agenda ItemsEdit

Continued discussion of organizationEdit

How do we communicate with one another? How do others communicate with us? A collective email where we can be reached?



Chad and Katie mentioned bringing in county extension office and looking into other established entities that may help with funding.

i'm late, first off realizing i'd been sent this link, and secondly with the site info that i've found. now i appologize for this being so sevearly slanted toward what i am thinking of but if anyone is inclined greenspooner is interested to buy one of these locations for collective/sustainable/anarcho use...530 harper st. hillsborough nc 27278 Lot price $9,000 realtor #336-221-0032 1316 fay durham nc, 27701 b/b-4/2 price $22,000 agent caldwell banker hp&w more info on these sites, and your oppinion is valued-

Creating a fruit tree/perennials nurseryEdit

Community Medicinal Herb GardenEdit


Last summer I met a guy named Josh Summers who works at NC State in the entomology department. He is very knowledgable, easy to talk to, and a lot of fun. When I met him he showed me and a few other people how to construct a very simple beehive out of wood scraps using a design called a "Kenya design". It is a design that a lot of farmers in Africa use and is pretty ingenious. I got in touch with him this week and told him about what we are doing, and he is very interested in helping us. He lives in Raleigh and has several beehives on his property that he takes care of, and would be very happy to have us over one Saturday to give us a little workshop on the basics of bee husbandry and to help us to build some beehives. So, whenever we are ready, I will get in touch with him and we can set up a Saturday to go over there and learn about bees! Maggie


Shitaki Mushroom Logs and sporesEdit