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At the Geopolitical scale levels there are specific geopolitical entities within which actors (Organizations, Individuals), work on Issues, Events, and Projects of that Geopolitical scale level.

Here is a a listing of Issues that link to the specific geopolitical entities engaged in them.

You can also find listings of Events, and Projects and the specific geopolitical entities engaged in them. These are comprehensive lists that span all the geopolitical levels.

The comprehensiveness of the information found in this wiki is a function of the input that visitors make. Like most wikies, THIS IS YOUR WIKI, DO NOT HESITATE TO EDIT AND/OR CONTRIBUTE.


Iraq Occupation[]



Human Rights[]


  • Freedom of Speech in Asia
  • Freedom of Thought in Middle East


  • Autonomy of Tibet
  • Independence of Basque Country
  • Independence of Western Japan
  • Independence of Okinawa
  • India-Pakistan Border
  • Israel-Palestine - the Gaza Strip and the West Bank
  • Korean Reunification
  • Senkaku/Diaoyutai/Pinnancle Islands
  • Cross-Strait relations - Sovereignty of Taiwan
  • Liancourt Rocks - The islets between Korea and Japan called Dokdo(Ko) or Takeshima(Ja)
  • Kuril Islands dispute - the dispute between Japan and Russia over sovereignty over Iturup(Ru)/Etorofu(Ja) Island, Kunashir(Ru)/Kunashiri(Ja) Island, Shikotan(Ru)/Shikotan(Ja) Island and the Habomai(Ru)/Habomai(Ja) Rocks

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