Specific people are listed below who were originally from Kenner, Lousiana before Hurricane Katrina struck. These link to a page within which the current status of the person in question is: Whether the person is alive or not, where the person is currently residing now, current contact information, status of original home, whether original home was owned or not, if not owned then how much for rent?, what is keeping them from going back?, listing of family members who you don't know about, Listing of family members who have past away, short history of your experience after Katrina, listing of organizations that you have benfited from or not and why, feelings about governmental response, Events, Issues and Projects that you are involved with.

An example of the general format for use of templates can be found in the Kenner, Louisiana page where Doe, John is listed. If you are entering a new person's information then first create an entry in the appropriate Hurricane-Katrina-affected-area-location-of-origin of the person, and secondly, cut and paste from the edit box of Doe, John into the edit box of the new entry. Fill in the information as appropriate for the new personal entry.

Doe, John, Kenner, Louisiana, Hurricane Katrina

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