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People are the ROOT level within the Geopolitical scale. Here you will find links to people, from various places, who have documents, links, grievances, ideas, viewpoints on issues, etc... These are put out to the world and shared via WIKI in the hopes of developing them further; enhanced by collective wisdom.

The comprehensiveness of the information found in this wiki is a function of the input that visitors make. Like most wikies, THIS IS YOUR WIKI, DO NOT HESITATE TO EDIT AND/OR CONTRIBUTE.

The geopolitical levels are Person, Interperson, Neighborhood, Precinct, Town, City, County, District, IntraState Region, State, IntraNation/State, InterNation and Transnational

You can also find a listing of Issues and the specific geopolitical entities engaged in them throughout the full spectrum of geopolitical levels.

Sustainable Economy[]

  • Spence Dickinson

Natural Disasters[]

People Affected by Hurricane Katrina[]

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