The Chapel Hill Governance EDAP Resources page is where you will find links to people and organizations that contribute torward the development of the governance dimension of the Chapel Hill Energy Descent Action Plan.

For a listing of all entities involved in Energy Descent Action Plans visit Global Energy Descent Action Plans Resources


The Orange County Democratic Party's core organizational unit is the precinct. The OCDP is attempting to remain active year around as a political force. The party is grassroots in that it serves the political needs of the precincts. One of the long term goals for the OCDP is to support the precincts in action projects they may have at the precinct level. Furthermore, the party is seeking ways of maintaining continous communications with representatives so as to keep them accountable to their constituents.

As the Energy Descent Action Plan is developed opportunities will be made evident where the services of the local democratic party could help. The OCDP is a grassroots organization that serves in the traditional role of electoral politics. The OCDP is augmenting it's importance to the electorate by activating within political levels traditionally ignored by political organizations. This activation from the base assures interest by constituents in the organization because, as true empowernment, individuals will become aware of their ultimate resposibility in self-determination.

The OCDP has recently passes resolutions that relate to Energy Descent

1) Resolution on County and Precinct Energy Descent Action Plans

2) Resolution on Blackwoods Farm Revitalization Center

  • Town of Chapel Hill

1) CRed


  • Town of Carrboro

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