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NC PowerdownEdit

monthly meeting. Second Wednesday of every month at 8pm in Carrboro. For specific location info please go to

The purpose of NC Powerdown is raise awareness about the imminent decline in worldwide oil production (Peak Oil), to affect policy as regards energy use, and to be a resource to members as they convert to lower energy lifestyles.

For more info please contact Stephen Hren at

Progressive OrganizersEdit

Hello fellow progressive organizers!

Our next Organizers Pow-Wow is on October 26th at 4pm in Downtown Raleigh at Tir Na Nog. We are growing in numbers so we are going to meet where we can all fit and folks can choose eat, have a tasty beverage and hang out after the meeting for social networking time. All Triangle Area Progressive Organizers are welcome to join in so please spread the word to folks who are not on this list-the more the merrier!

Please submit your vote on the topic for this meeting: 1) How to bridge the progressive issues together, 2) Messaging Continued-further discussion on framing messaging and thoughts on George Lakoff's book or 3) Ideas for Recruiting. PLEASE VOTE BY OCTOBER 19TH. We hope you can join us!