The Geopolitical Level Pages are:

Person, Interperson, Neighborhood, Precinct, Town, City, County, District, IntraState Region, State, IntraNation/State, InterNation and Transnational.

Here you will find information of how the Geopolitical Level Page is structured.

Geopolitical Level pages are category pages. In them are listed specific entities of that geopolitical level.

For example:

Town is a Geopolitical Level page. All Towns of the world who have a presence in are listed here. The Town Geopolitical Level page is organized by Nation-State and SubNation-State division (i.e. United States, North Carolina).

All Geopolitical Level Pages begin with an overview.

Template:Level OverviewEdit

Every Geopolitical Level page has an overview explaining the page. The overview is the same for all of the geopolitical level pages, except for two words. Because the overview is used in multiple pages and it is the same except for two words, a template is used. Consequently, the edit box of every Geopolitical page begins with the template call tag for Level overview template.

For the edit box of the town geopolitical level, the Level overview template is at the begining and looks like this:

{{Level Overview|1=here goes the call for the category | 2=Here goes the lower case name of the category}}
The town category is the first word that is needed: 1=
and the second word 2=town
{{Level Overview|1=[[:category:Town|Towns]] | 2=town}}

And this gives:

Towns are one level within the Geopolitical scale. Specific Towns are listed below. These link to a page within which Organizations, Issues, Events, and Projects of the town geopolitical level are listed.

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The geopolitical levels are Person, Interperson, Neighborhood, Precinct, Town, City, County, District, IntraState Region, State, Country, InterNation and Transnational

You can also find a listing of Issues and the specific geopolitical entities engaged in them throughout the full spectrum of geopolitical levels.