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Below is the week's outlook for the Carrboro Community Gardening Coalition at the MLK garden.

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Saturday, June 4, 2011[]

  • From Queenbee: Allie Treske
    • plant zucchini under pole beans in B13
    • Plant butternut squash in B6, cucumber in B4
    • Weed to keep our beds ahead of the developing weeds...15 min per bed is worth hours in July!
    • Mulch ... just a bit left, could be used on eggplant.
    • New mulch run on Mon June 13, hopefully!
    • Water...on "A" side of main path, esp. keeping tomatoes moist for constant development, carrots+onions. In evening, water seedlings like cucumbers, pole beans, edamame so they get an overnight to relax.
    • Remove "delicious earth" (Thanks Sammy) from the path between A27 and the melon bed and put to the chard bed. ATTENTION: There are ants in the middle of A27, between the current chard plants.
    • harvest greens...may be nearing their end of life; some beets, onions, peas, carrots, new potatoes (plants have not yet died back, skins have not yet hardened for preservation).
  • From Justin
    • Cucumbers have been transplanted/thinned from B-5 to the second half of B-3. They could really use a watering ASAP so if you are near the garden this morning/afternoon... Also,
    • B-4 has lettuce that is going to seed and is planned to be saved.
    • I suggest that we plant another bed of cucumbers (instead of B-4) as far from that area as possible to make the pests job a little harder. The bed with the wheat has a middle third with arugula and mustards that have gone to seed that can be used or the bed next to it with lettuce that has bolted is another option (B-20?).



10/20 - 10/27[]

Queenbee: Natalie Sadler

10/14 - 10/27[]

Queenbee: Natalie Sadler

9/30 - 10/6[]

We received the well test results from the county confirming that the well water poses no risks. We expect a go-ahead from the town and to install and purchase the cistern as a first step.

  • Continue watering where flags are. Sign up at: CCGC_Watering_Sign-up
  • Get final go ahead from town since results came back showing that the water is good.
  • Extend well head per county request.
  • Put sign on well house, cistern and hose end: “No Drinking”
  • Continue work on Health and wellness Trust Fund Fit Communities Grant Professional Service Contract with Partnership.