The Grassroots Mailing List can be used for making

  • project wide announcements,
  • for asking for help on a wiki problem from the Grassroots community
  • or for discussing Issues, Events, or Projects that organizations may have. See "Topic Buckets" below.

The Grassroots lists are publicly readable but you need to subscribe to be able to post to the lists. Posts from non-subscribers may be delayed or accidentally discarded as they need to be approved by a list administrator to prevent spam.

Archives of posts can be found at

Further information on the Grassroots mailing list can be found at

An alternative means of communication is the user talk pages.

Topic Buckets[edit | edit source]

The Grassroots Wiki Mailing list makes use of "topic buckets" for directing the messages of members of the list to the Issues, Organizations, or Events that they are interested in.

Please send requests for new topics. Write "New Bucket" in the subject line and include the Bucket name in the body of the message.

For already established topics, please address messages in the header or subject line with the topic that defines the group that you are adressing your message to.

Mailing list admins and list moderators[edit | edit source]

List admin[edit | edit source]

The default mailing list admin is the founder of each wiki. Their primary responsibility is helping people get subscribed to, or unsubscribed from, the list (not everyone is comfortable with the tricky web interface).

Other tasks include cross-posting messages that pertain to other lists and gently suggesting that contributors keep on topic and/or avoid flaming each other.

List admins can change specific options on their mailing list and to edit the moderation queue. Not all changes are permitted. List admins can not, for example, mark users email addresses as public if they have chosen to remain public, and you can not prevent the lists being publically readable.

List Moderators[edit | edit source]

Like the founder, the list moderators are allowed to tend to pending administration requests, including approving or rejecting held subscription requests, and disposing of held postings.

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