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Place Based GrassRoots Groups Political Action Web

GrassRoots is a Wikia where political entities can interconnect on the issues, actions, projects, and events that occur throughout the range of geopolitical levels that people are a part of and make.

The geopolitical levels are Person, Interperson, Neighborhood, Precinct, Town, City, County, District, IntraState Region, State, Country, InterNation and Transnational.

Each Geopolitical level will link to the specific places within which Organizations, Issues, Events, and Projects of that geopolitical scale are listed.

You can also find listings of Issues, Events, and Projects and the specific geopolitical entities engaged in them. These are comprehensive lists that span all the geopolitical levels.

Grassroots also has a Mailing List for discussing Issues, Events, or Projects that organizations and people may have.

Share concrete information on how you have organized your grassroots organization in the How-to Page

The comprehensiveness of the information found in this wiki is a function of the input that visitors make. Like most wikies, THIS IS YOUR WIKI, DO NOT HESITATE TO EDIT AND/OR CONTRIBUTE.



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