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NC Powerdown MeetupEdit

Our purpose is raise awareness about the imminent decline in worldwide oil production, affect policy as it concerns fossil energy use, and to be a resource to members as they convert to lower energy lifestyles.


Stephen Hren, 336-504-4452.


Second Wednesday of every month at 8pm.

For the November meeting author Richard Jablin will be discussing his new book Kicking Gasoline Dependency: The Transportation Solution. Anyone is welcome to present their own radical transportation ideas. Since peak oil is primarily a transportation problem, any radical solutions will be taken seriously and discussed.

This will be our last triangle-wide meeting held at Arcadia in Carrboro. From now on I am promoting the ideas of more local meetings since peak oil requires relocalization and community solutions. If you are interested in attending a more local meeting, and especially if you are willing to host a first meeting (which could then rotate to another members house) please let me know. I am willing to give a general introduction to peak oil at any of these meetings if you would like me to. That way neighbors/co-workers/friends/family could be drug along and introduced to the topic. I have had interested folks in Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Pittsboro, Northern Orange and Hillsboro.


2nd Wednesday of the month


Arcadia Common's House in Carrboro.

Directions are available in the events part of the NCPowerdown Meetup Site.

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