The two PDF's below show the plans for the kiosk that Kelley Kurbin has designed and will be building thanks to OCPYC's ability to pay him. The kiosk can be built as soon as Carrboro Prks & Rec approves. Please note that the kiosk will ultimately be owned by OCPYC. If there ever is a day when CCGC will have to pick up and go, the kiosk is OCPYC's to take. Thankfully, OCPYC is willing to build a half that CCGC will be able to use for our garden.

The kiosk will be located in the corner of the parking lot between the two gardens completing a triangle with the fence in the corner. We will have to attach the OCPYC fence and our fence to either side of the kiosk. This will also be an opportunity to create an opening between the two gardens in the fence as we have discussed on occasion in the past.

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