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This page includes the wiki mirrors for both 1)the html Operations Committee page (public) and 2) the Operations Committee page (private)]. Content found in this page does not necessarily reflect the views of the orange county democrats as this page is as public as a bathroom graffitti wall. Neverless, content found here may be considered for inclusion within the official OCDP site. These pages are to maximize expression and participation by Orange County Democrats in the continual creation of the county party. These pages, unlike the pages found in the official site, are open for anyone to edit. Information found here that should be in the official site but is missing will be included in the official site.

The official webpage has two Policy and Action Committee pages. One is public and the other is private.

Operations Committee page (public)[]

This is a wiki mirror of the official Operations Committee page (public)

The operations committee is always seeking volunteers for ongoing projects ranging from data-entry tasks to managing the office. If you would like to help out with any of the ongoing tasks please sign up using our volunteer database or contact sammy slade directly at

Operations Committee page (private)[]


Thank you for voluntering with the Orange County Democrats. To assure democratic legitimacy we strive to differentiate ourselves from the Republican Party and the national mainstream Democrats by maximizing people/constituency power over money/representative power in governance. The Operations Committee advances this mission by serving as the center of coordination and support for precinct organizations and the county committees and elected officials that serve them.

Volunteer Opportunities[]

The Operations Committee currently has volunteer opportunities in office managing, data-entry Projects, project management, and various other tasks. Contact sammy_slade if you would like to volunteer in any of these.


Office managers are needed during office hours.

Summer office hours: Mon. & Tues. 3-6 pm, Thurs. - Sat. 11 am-2 pm, closed Wed. & Sun.


Here are some calendar examples that we would benefit from if we could implement calendars on this civic space site.

  • SURGE Calendar (PostNuke)
  • SLICE - the UNC Chapel Hill Student Life Calendar of Events (Mambo)

Visit the operations Committee calendar to see deadlines for projects, major event dates, and office scheduling.