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Here you will Find Peace and Justice Organizations that relate to Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Peace and Justice Entities Related to Chapel Hill But Outside of Chapel Hill[]

County: Orange County

District: 4th Congressional District

State: North Carolina

IntraState Region: 4th Congressional District

IntraNation/State: United States

Peace and Justice Organizations, Chapel Hill North Carolina[]

Students United for a Responsible Global Environment (SURGE)[]

Contact: Dennis Markatos,, (919)843-6548

SURGE, Students United for a mgfjmyd students, dedicated to achieving social, economic, political, and environmental justice and peace through collective education and action.

Campaign to End the Cycle of Violence[]

Contact: Dave Lippman,

Organizes teach-ins, demonstrations, and educational work on all aspects of the world wide war and opposition to it. We attempt theatrical and other creative approaches to drawing new people in and keeping anti-war presence alive and in the public eye and the government's face.

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