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Welcome to RePowering Chatham! RePowering Chatham is a diverse network of people and organizations of Chatham county, N.C., working together to improve our health, create jobs, save money and safeguard the environment by pursuing energy efficiency, conservation and renewables such as wind and solar. In the process we will foster community spirit and leadership development so that we can most effectively engage with any issues that effect our communities. RePowering Chatham is part of the larger North Carolina RePowering NC network.

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  • Phone: 919-951-5200
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History of RePowering Chatham[]

  • 1st Network Meeting (Pittsboro): March 5th, 2011
  • 1st Network Meeting (Siler City): April 13th, 2011
  • 2nd Network Meeting (Pittsboro):
  • Joint Pittsboro and Siler City Network Meeting:
  • RePowering Chatham Kick-off Event

Why RePowering Chatham[]


  • Zoom into this map and find what the death and disease effects from coal fired power plants are in Chatham County. Also click on the black dot on the county map to find out how many deaths are caused per year from the Cape Fear coal fired power plant.

Save Money[]

  • People report spending up to 300-500$ per month on electricity bills.
    • Compare this to
      • the average tax expenditure per month of a person in Chatham county is: XXX
      • the average rent per month of a person in Chatham county is:
      • the average mortgage payment in Chatham county is:

Create Jobs[]

Combat Climate Change[]