The The ReCYCLEry, based in Carrboro, is a triangle-area nonprofit organization. We receive donated and abandoned bicycles and parts, and work with members of our (and the wider Triangle) community to repair and ride off on their own "new" bicycles. We wish to: promote more widespread use of bicycles as primary modes of transportation wherever and whenever possible; save great bikes from the trash; and, by teaching the basics of maintenance and repair, further encourage self-sufficiency through biking.

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Bicycle Mechanics Class[edit | edit source]

When: as of April 2, every monday, weather permitting.

Time: 6-8 p.m.

Where: At The ReCYCLEry

Description: The class will address the principles of Bike mechanics. Each night a dedicated part of the bike will be the subject of the class: brakes, wheels, bearings, gears etc.. and others as requested. Class cost is a commitment to work on the bikes of kids in their neighborhood on a “mobile repair day.”

Questions, Inputs or to RSVP: The ReCYCLEry

Blue Urban Bike (BUB) Loan Program[edit | edit source]

The initial fleet will be of 30, 5-speed bicycles for community usage. Bikes will be equipped with lights, racks, and a helmet will be required (either provided by the program or the rider). Bikes will be lent for 24-hour periods. The program will start in the fall. Initially, there will be three hub location: Carrboro, Chapel Hill, and UNC campus. The Skylight Exchange is the first business and represents Chapel Hill. Ideas for the Carrboro and UNC locations exist but there are no committed sites yet. In order for a business to support a HUB, that businesses’ employees will be responsible for attending a short bike safety seminar. The purpose of this seminar is to give each employee a learn-ed eye in the safety of lending that bike out again or calling the bike in for repair.

How it works[edit | edit source]

Bicycles will be available to card bearing members of the program. Membership has a 1 NCPlenty annual fee. (Single NC Plenty’s will be available for membership at The ReCYCLEry for ten dollars). Membership proceeds will be used to supplement maintenance of the fleet. A member may access a bike in the fleet by going to a participating Hub and exchanging their card for a key. That member then has a 24 hour use of the bike. Anytime within that 24 hours, when the rider is done with the loan, the bike should be returned to the same HUB and the key exchanged for the membership card. At this time the bike will be inspected to insure that it is safe for the next loan.

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